FindOpenClinic Explained

Learn how FindOpenClinic connects you with open and available clinics accepting new patients in your city.

About Us

Connecting Patients with Clinics

In Canada, finding a family doctor can be a challenging and time-consuming task, often leaving individuals without a primary healthcare provider. We understand the difficulties Canadians face in finding a family doctor. We are dedicated to addressing this issue by providing a user-friendly platform that focuses on three key features to make that process easier.

Add Clinics

Help us expand our database by adding clinics that are currently accepting new patients. Your contribution ensures that more individuals can find suitable healthcare options.

View Clinics

Easily find clinics in your area that are currently accepting new patients. Our platform provides a user-friendly interface to help you locate the healthcare options that meet your needs.

Update Clinics

Contribute to the accuracy of our platform by updating clinic statuses. You can mark clinics as accepting or rejecting new patients, ensuring that the information is up-to-date for the benefit of the community.